GRAPHITAR carbon is an ideal material for use as a sliding face within a mechanical seal configuration, operating successfully against counterfaces in materials such as Silicon Carbide , Tungsten Carbide and other ceramics. GRAPHITAR is a very hard material and extremely resistant to wear. It is lubricated by most fluids so that the medium being sealed can serve as the seal lubricant. GRAPHITAR’s permeability can be controlled to allow the lubricating medium to be metered to the sealing surface or to be impervious and fully “Leak Tight” to 6 BAR pressure of nitrogen.

GRAPHITAR is dimensionally stable under wide temperature variations and is strongly resistant to most chemical environments.
Seal faces can be manufactured as fully machined components, lapped to 3 light bands, as semi finished parts or as finished parts pressed to size parts.
Carbon Seals

Our Seals

GRAPHITAR materials may be modified to provide enhanced physical and chemical properties by the addition of Resins, salts, metals and oils.
  • Automotive Applications
  • Aerospace – Engine shaft seals and auxiliary pumps
  • Contacting and non contacting compressor seals
  • API682 Carbon seal faces
  • Segmented seals
  • FDA and WRAS approved materials
  • Carbon seals for petrochemical, cryogenic, chemical and general industrial applications
  • Nuclear
  • Large diameter seal rings up to 500mm

Typical Applications

Most GRAPHITAR grades of carbon manufactured by US Graphite give good performance in seal applications, however the following grades have been specifically developed for use in mechanical seals.

Seal Grades