High Temperature Materials

USG have a range of materials specifically engineered for high temperature applications for use in many diverse applications.
Materials such as treated mechanical carbon, fine grain graphite, carbon/carbon composites and carbon ceramics are available for components that require characteristics including

  • High strength at high temperature
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • High thermal stability  (500c to 2500c in inert atmospheres)
  • Low density
  • Aggressive environments 



GRAPHITAR treated carbon grades such as 2690, 2980 and 3048 are highly suitable for aircraft engine seals. Used also in automotive applications such as bearings in exhaust gases. High temperature non lubricated bearings for use in ovens, dryers, conveyors and turbines


Standard 3D multi-directional matrix materials are available as component pre forms that can be fully densified through the CVI process and further treated for enhanced thermal management characteristics. These high strength materials find uses in high performance, high energy applications such as brake rotors in aerospace, automotive and wind power. Also rocket nozzle throats that have a requirement for rapid temperature change whilst maintaining structural stability
Carbon composites are also used in hot glass handling components, high temperature furnace furniture as loading trays, columns, nuts and bolts.


Fine grain graphite for aerospace triple seals, sintering moulds, glass handling components, guides and furnace furniture.



Carbon Fibre reinforced Ceramics (CFRC)
Our material is an advanced Carbon Fibre Reinforced Ceramic (CFRC) which is produced by Surface Transforms' proprietary processes, transforming Carbon-Carbon into Carbon-Silicon Carbide (CSiC) ceramic.
Continuous carbon fibre to is formed into a 3D multi-directional matrix, producing a stronger and more durable product with 3x the heat conductivity of standard production components.
  • Road and Race brake rotors
  • Aircraft brakes
  • Rocket components
  • Hot section propulsion components